“A bride without a veil is like a salad without the dressing”

At Cupids Treasure all our veils are made to order so please allow 4-6 weeks. We offer all veils in Ivory or winter white (off white) as standard. If you require a different colour please contact us on 07712 454246 or email us on or through our contact page.

Beyond The Veil

Mystery and pagan rites surround the origins of the veil, it is said that they were worn in Roman times to surround and protect the bride from evil spirits. Throughout the centuries the veil has survived the epic journey through time to become an important accessory, as beguiling and mysterious as its pagan roots. On no other occasion could you wear such an enhancing item. Certain styles of dresses cry out for the ethereal qualities of the veil. Its dreamy drapery frames the bride and gives her a timeless, regal air that epitomises not just the solemnity of the occasion but the brides supremacy among the bridal party. Veils come in a variety of styles and lengths, usually ivory, occasionally white, made of tulle and edged with different embellishments. Such is the plethora of different styles of gowns it is important to try different veils with your dress to find the perfect accompaniment.

Usually lengths are split into 4 categories:- (guideline only)

Short 54” to mid back
72” to fingertips or hips
108” floor length
124” Cathedral length should reach the edge of the train.

Styles :-

* Straight on a comb, curved on lower edge, usually one tier. (see Caroline)
* Two layers incorporating a blush which is the shorter layer on top which comes over the face before and during the ceremony. Traditionally worn for church weddings. (see Gypsy)
* Birdcage - a short open weave veil which covers part of the face, can usually be removed after the ceremony. (see Peek a bow)
* Vintage - based on various traditionally inspired looks from bygone eras. (see Sadie)



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